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Before: broken-down grape arbor requiring removal.

Before: broken-down grape arbor requiring removal.

Patio also requiring us to break it down and remove.

Patio also requiring us to break it down and remove.

In the process of removing the patio.

In the process of removing the patio.

Grape arbor being rebuilt

Grape arbor being rebuilt

Garden beds built, filled and installed.

Garden beds built, filled and installed.

Still time for an "after" photo before the sun goes down!

Still time for an “after” photo before the sun goes down!

New grape arbor - ah, that's better!

New grape arbor – ah, that’s better!


Give Mike a call to discuss raised garden bed design and installation today: 908 783 5733. For ideas, check out our other website – http://gardenbedsnj.com.


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2013-01-31 14.47.32If you live in an area where there are lots of deer, you’ll probably want to have a fence around your garden. You could go with a cheap-and-easy wire fence… but for those who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing yard, 4 Seasons Lawn Care offers slip board fence installations at your request.

The photo to the left is of a recent installation we did in Flemington, NJ – it is partially completed in the picture.

A fence height of 4 feet is recommended to keep deer out. Deer won’t normally jump into an enclosed area, so as long as the fence is higher than the tallest deer, there’s no need to worry.

If you live in or around Hunterdon County, NJ and are thinking of planting a garden this spring, the best time to have your fence installed is over the next several months. Weather permitting, 4 Seasons Lawn Care is now quoting garden fence installations, garden bed frame construction and delivery, compost tumbler delivery, and spring cleanups.

We are also creating our lawn cutting schedule for spring, summer and fall 2013. If you are not already a customer and want to get on the list, email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com. Or, call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733.

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Hey there, Mike from 4 Seasons Lawn Care here. With the early spring bloom happening in NJ this year, lawn care season started roughly a week and a half ago and is officially in progress as we speak. Be sure to contact us early to be put on the mowing schedule for 2012.

If you’re a new reader just finding this blog, check out our website at http://4seasonslawns.com or click the various posts on this blog and visit the About Us page to learn how we can help you have the nicest yard on the block!

Contact mike@4seasonslawns.com or call 908 783 5733 for your lawn cutting or spring cleanup quote today.

Also check out our other website, Garden Beds NJ, to find out how we can help make garden bed prep super simple this spring. Thanks!

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Everybody knows that organic composting is the best thing you can do for your garden… but why make it hard on yourself? With the Compost Tumbler from 4 Seasons Lawn Care, composting doesn’t have to be messy, backbreaking work ever again!

  • Unique design speeds composting action
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Requires very little muscle power to load, unload and use

To load: place in the upright position. Open the lid. Insert biodegradable materials. Close lid.

To unload: Tilt into a wheelbarrow or directly into your garden. Open lid to dispel compost.

Our Compost Tumbler makes compost faster than the traditional compost “pit” or heap. The enclosed design and black plastic creates higher temperatures to “bake” compost more quickly. Perforations help to oxygenate contents and ensure faster breakdown of organic matter. No need to turn over heavy piles of compost with a shovel! Simply rotate the compost tumbler every other day or so to “cook” your compost inside.

Compost Tumbler Specs:

  • 55 gallon, perforated plastic barrel – black to absorb heat from the sun.
  • Stands about 4 feet tall
  • Easy loading / unloading (from top of barrel)

Pricing: $225 per unit. Includes delivery to Hunterdon County NJ, Warren County NJ, and Northampton County PA.

Building a garden in the Hunterdon, Warren or Northampton County areas? Order your compost tumbler today!

For more information and to order, contact Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com. Also check out our NJ gardening website for inspiration this spring!

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Hello from everyone here at 4 Seasons Lawn Care! We’re excited to announce the launch of our new online gardening and yard care calendar for 2012. We’ve already posted some helpful entries, with the reminder that the time to schedule your garden bed preparation delivery, lawn cutting service, and spring cleanup work is coming soon. Here’s the link to our new gardening calendar; don’t forget to bookmark it in your browser. Thanks for reading!

Schedule your garden bed installation, spring cleanups and lawn care today! Contact:

Mike Hyde
4 Seasons Lawn Care
908 783 5733

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Hello, all! It’s been a while since we posted on the 4 Seasons Lawn Care blog. Hopefully you all had a great holiday season and survived the few dribbles of snow we got here in Hunterdon County NJ. We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring and those first few blades of grass poking up from the ground.

Some cool new developments are in the works for 2012’s Grass Cutting and Gardening Season. We recently launched our new website Garden Beds NJ where we plan to share gardening tips for the local area and offer raised garden bed construction and delivery.  Planning a raised bed garden this summer? Now is the time to start designing those garden beds!

Secondly: it’s almost Spring Cleanup time! With the big thaw on the way (did we ever even freeze this winter?), there’s lots of cleanup work to be done around the yard before planting time begins. 4 Seasons Lawn Care will help you check this chore off your list.

Give Mike Hyde a call at 908 783 5733, or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com to schedule some time in early spring for your garden bed project and spring cleanup plans. Thanks!

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Hi, folks! Just wanted to send the word out on a limited time offer. 4 Seasons Lawn Care is doing garden bed assembly for spring 2011. We offer your choice of 2 types of wood: Douglass Fir and Cedar. Garden bed boxes come in 2 standard sizes: 4’x4′, and 8’x4′. We also build and deliver custom sizes upon request. Call Mike at 908 783 5733 and get free delivery in Hunterdon and Warren County, NJ, and Northampton County, PA.

Here are some photos of garden beds that we built over the last week.

8'x4' garden bed boxes


10'x5' garden bed box, mid-assembly


We can accomodate your needs in a variety of ways, including:

  • Picking up all necessary supplies (wood, etc.) for your garden bed
  • Assembling the structure
  • Delivering the garden bed box to your home or office
  • Installing the garden bed box/ground prep/adding topsoil
  • Arranging multiple garden beds over a large area
  • Adding gravel around and in between beds
  • Adding a simple fence to keep deer out

Important Note: We do NOT use pressure treated wood to create our garden bed boxes.

Your individual quote depends on how many garden bed boxes you require, the size of each one, and the extent of the work you require from us. Just think… the sooner you get those garden beds prepped, the sooner your tasty vegetables and colorful flowers will be reaching for the sun!

Contact mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com or call 908 783 5733 to get your garden beds installed in time for the 2011 gardening season.

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