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weber4At the moment, I am gazing angrily glaring out my window at a blanket of snow, with more due to fall for the remainder of the day and into tomorrow morning. Even so: I’m eagerly looking ahead to warmer temps, those first crunches of shovel blade into thawing earth – turning over the garden beds, and the start of spring!

Just because everything is frozen over doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little, right? In fact – cold days that keep us mostly-indoors are the perfect opportunity to draw up those garden plans that we won’t have time for once things heat up in March.

For anyone who was not aware, 4 Seasons Lawn Care does custom-built garden bed frames for those who understand the benefits of raised bed gardening. In fact – we have an entire website discussing this topic in detail, with helpful hints for the NJ Zone 6 gardener. Learn all about it and get some organic gardening inspiration at http://gardenbedsnj.com

If you live in Hunterdon, Warren (NJ) or Northhampton (PA) counties, why not pull out your graph paper and pencil and leftover seeds from gardening seasons past. Start planning your garden beds today! In fact… we are booking orders for garden bed plans starting now – January, 2014. Work will begin as soon as weather permits – but we are happy to take your call and talk about your vision for a NJ garden that is both attractive and prolific!

Give Mike a call to discuss raised garden bed design and installation today: 908 783 5733. For ideas, check out our other website – http://gardenbedsnj.com.


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A local friend of ours was on TV recently talking about how to plant the perfect tomatoes. Here’s Pete Jansen for Bonnie Plants!

View more videos at: http://nbcconnecticut.com.

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CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE TO ENLARGE. Call 908 783 5733 to order your garden bed frame installation today!

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A customer just sent these photos of the custom-build garden bed frames I created for her this spring. The bed frames are built higher than our normal ones, and they also include bench seating which comes in handy during planting time. For information about cedar raised garden bed frames built to order and delivered to your doorstep, visit Garden Beds NJ.

Or, if you’re too busy to click, call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 to schedule your quote today!

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Everybody knows that organic composting is the best thing you can do for your garden… but why make it hard on yourself? With the Compost Tumbler from 4 Seasons Lawn Care, composting doesn’t have to be messy, backbreaking work ever again!

  • Unique design speeds composting action
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Requires very little muscle power to load, unload and use

To load: place in the upright position. Open the lid. Insert biodegradable materials. Close lid.

To unload: Tilt into a wheelbarrow or directly into your garden. Open lid to dispel compost.

Our Compost Tumbler makes compost faster than the traditional compost “pit” or heap. The enclosed design and black plastic creates higher temperatures to “bake” compost more quickly. Perforations help to oxygenate contents and ensure faster breakdown of organic matter. No need to turn over heavy piles of compost with a shovel! Simply rotate the compost tumbler every other day or so to “cook” your compost inside.

Compost Tumbler Specs:

  • 55 gallon, perforated plastic barrel – black to absorb heat from the sun.
  • Stands about 4 feet tall
  • Easy loading / unloading (from top of barrel)

Pricing: $225 per unit. Includes delivery to Hunterdon County NJ, Warren County NJ, and Northampton County PA.

Building a garden in the Hunterdon, Warren or Northampton County areas? Order your compost tumbler today!

For more information and to order, contact Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com. Also check out our NJ gardening website for inspiration this spring!

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(from our other website, GardenBedsNJ.com!)

For new gardeners in NJ: of course, the below dates are only an approximation. If you’re not home on April 1, it’s okay to plant your carrots on April 7!

March 15: Peas and Radishes.

Peas. The “first” plant of the early spring gardening season, avid gardeners get excited to sow their pea seeds right around St. Patrick’s Day—even if there’s still snow on the ground. Climbing peas will require a trellis, placed close to but not directly on top of the area where you planted your pea seeds. Bush type plants can stand alone without a trellis.

Radishes. Put your radish seeds into the ground as early as you plant the peas, next to where you plan to plant the carrots. Once they take root, they will prevent the soil around the carrots from clumping, which is a perfect condition for growing strong, straight carrots… and the radishes will like it, too!

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In February, the soil is usually frozen and therefore can’t be worked. So if you intend to plant an early spring garden, then the best time to ready your garden beds for planting is before the second week of March. You want the soil to be prepared in time for that first spring planting, traditionally peas, on or around St. Patrick’s Day. The earlier the better to dig fresh garden beds and plant early spring crops– but you do have some time if you don’t plan to start gardening until May 15th.

If the ground where your garden will go is hard and compacted: turn the soil over with a shovel or pitchfork. Dig the beds to about 12 to 15 inches deep. Do this for the entire garden bed……..

(Click here to read the rest: “When and How to Start Prepping Your Garden Beds in NJ”)

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