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263Remember last year’s Canada-esque winter? The neverending snowfall, the massive dirty gray piles that blocked our view of shopping center parking lots… the power outages around the tri-state area? As we enjoy these last dwindling days of summery weather, our thoughts turn to the next New Jersey winter with no small amount of dread. Wondering how long we’ll have to endure bitter-cold nights; snow delay calls that come at the last minute; outrageously high heating bills; cabin fever with kids and pets; and endless shoveling shoveling shoveling?

If the Farmer’s Almanac is right, and we end up with an equally frigid as (or worse than) winter as last year, we may be waiting for quite some time before spring gardening season 2015 becomes reality. Remember last spring, how long before our May gardens took to really begin heating up and flourishing?

4 Seasons Lawn Care and GardenBedsNJ.com are thinking ahead to solutions for the big spring thaw of 2015. What do you want to be doing once those crocuses finally come poking out of the snow? Hacking away at your brick-solid garden beds that will still need the earth turned over, compost added, and all the other necessary prepwork before you can actually begin planting? Or, excitedly drawing up those garden plans, knowing that as soon as the ground is workable you can head right out to an already-prepped garden bed and begin your early spring plantings of snow and snap peas, turnips, radishes, cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, etc.?

Yes – the solution for your future spring garden is here: 4 Seasons Lawn Care is taking FALL orders for garden bed installation. Right now in September and October (maybe even November?), we can build cedar wood garden bed frames; add organic soil and compost; create gravel pathways, and install a wire fence to keep critters out. We’ll get your garden beds all ready to be worked; cover them with straw or mulch for the cold winter months… and, once warmer weather arrives after our terrible NJ winter, you’ll be all set to start gardening without all the backbreaking toil, mess and fuss.

To discuss your gardening plans for 2015 and get your garden beds installed now, contact Mike Hyde at mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com or call 908 783 5733.


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