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weber4At the moment, I am gazing angrily glaring out my window at a blanket of snow, with more due to fall for the remainder of the day and into tomorrow morning. Even so: I’m eagerly looking ahead to warmer temps, those first crunches of shovel blade into thawing earth – turning over the garden beds, and the start of spring!

Just because everything is frozen over doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little, right? In fact – cold days that keep us mostly-indoors are the perfect opportunity to draw up those garden plans that we won’t have time for once things heat up in March.

For anyone who was not aware, 4 Seasons Lawn Care does custom-built garden bed frames for those who understand the benefits of raised bed gardening. In fact – we have an entire website discussing this topic in detail, with helpful hints for the NJ Zone 6 gardener. Learn all about it and get some organic gardening inspiration at http://gardenbedsnj.com

If you live in Hunterdon, Warren (NJ) or Northhampton (PA) counties, why not pull out your graph paper and pencil and leftover seeds from gardening seasons past. Start planning your garden beds today! In fact… we are booking orders for garden bed plans starting now – January, 2014. Work will begin as soon as weather permits – but we are happy to take your call and talk about your vision for a NJ garden that is both attractive and prolific!

Give Mike a call to discuss raised garden bed design and installation today: 908 783 5733. For ideas, check out our other website – http://gardenbedsnj.com.


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