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Hi Mike,

Wanted to send these pics along to you. It’s only been 4 days, but already the veggie plants seem to be standing taller and looking more lush than they were in the old garden space.

Your work gave us the inspiration to really focus our time and energy on the backyard spaces of our property. We feel proud looking out on our terrain! Can’t wait to enjoy some grilling and campfires in the great space!

We appreciate your time and your craftsmanship!

–Alex and Maria


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A customer just sent these photos of the custom-build garden bed frames I created for her this spring. The bed frames are built higher than our normal ones, and they also include bench seating which comes in handy during planting time. For information about cedar raised garden bed frames built to order and delivered to your doorstep, visit Garden Beds NJ.

Or, if you’re too busy to click, call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 to schedule your quote today!

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These photos of me trimming some hedges for a customer were taken two or three years ago. We had some trouble retrieving the files, but better late than never! We’ve since upgraded to a gas-powered hedge trimmer. As impossible as it seems, I am also even better looking now than I was then.

Spring cleanup season is here! For a custom quote on hedge trimming, mulching, lawn cutting or landscape maintenance in general, contact Mike Hyde of 4 Seasons Lawn Care at 908 783 5733. Or, email mike@4seasonslawns.com. Thanks!

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Hey there, Mike from 4 Seasons Lawn Care here. With the early spring bloom happening in NJ this year, lawn care season started roughly a week and a half ago and is officially in progress as we speak. Be sure to contact us early to be put on the mowing schedule for 2012.

If you’re a new reader just finding this blog, check out our website at http://4seasonslawns.com or click the various posts on this blog and visit the About Us page to learn how we can help you have the nicest yard on the block!

Contact mike@4seasonslawns.com or call 908 783 5733 for your lawn cutting or spring cleanup quote today.

Also check out our other website, Garden Beds NJ, to find out how we can help make garden bed prep super simple this spring. Thanks!

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