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Here's a picture of the ugliest tree we could find. What not to let happen to your trees!

With the occasional late-March sunny day still teasing us, NJ turns its thoughts to springtime and the manicuring of our lawns and gardens. One item that should ideally be on your spring landscaping to-do list is tree pruning. Many people opt to skip this task, squeaking by with the minimum of raking and tidying. However, those who do prune their trees each spring will reap the benefits greatly and have wonderful results to show for their effort. A few good reasons to make April your month to prune those trees:

Pruning is excellent for the overall health of the tree. The tree-trimming process involves snipping away dead and decaying branches, which encourages new, healthy growth and prevents the spread of plant disease.

Pruning improves the appearance of your trees. Did you know that yearly pruning encourages upward growth of your tree’s branches? This makes the tree aesthetically more pleasing, and it also strengthens the tree’s branch and trunk growth. A good, healthy tree’s branches will meet at a “Y” formation and reach skyward toward the sun.

Pruning is good for your tree’s root system. A tree that goes for too long without a haircut ends up having its branches shadow out the base of the tree. Too much shade beneath a tree prevents grass and other plants from growing there. This causes soil erosion, which gradually exposes the tree’s roots and invites disease.

Pruning your trees makes for a safer home and yard. We’ve all seen the damage to trees caused by severe weather. Overgrown trees planted too close to the house can wreak costly and dangerous havoc. Downed branches in the street can create a traffic and pedestrian hazard. Low-hanging tree branches can compromise the safety of children playing beneath them, or pose a risk to the innocent passerby. Avoid this kind of trouble by keeping your tree’s branches pruned to a more manageable size and healthy condition.

Now that you know all the great reasons to have your trees pruned, why not consult with a team of professionals and cross it off your to-do list? 4 Seasons Lawn Care offers expert tree pruning service in Hunterdon county, NJ.

Call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com for more info today. Your trees will thank you!


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Thoughts turning to garden planting, flower beds, and that first glorious trip to Home Depot for seeds and garden supplies?

Get a jump on spring with a yard cleanup from 4 Seasons Lawn Care. Give us a call at 908 783 5733 and ask for Mike!

We’ll come right over, lickety-split, and rake up all those decaying leaf piles, haul away dead branches, and do all the things that make spring garden prep a chore rather than the fun, stress-relieving activity it’s supposed to be.

Just a few outdoor cleanup jobs we handle:

  • Cutting back dead ornamental grasses
  • Hedge trimming
  • Leaf cleanup and haul-away
  • Edging around property and garden beds
  • Shrub, tree and flower planting
  • Mulching garden and flower beds, around trees and shrubbery

Start the spring growing season off on the right foot. 4 Seasons Lawn Care makes it easy! We offer lawn and yard care services in and around Hunterdon County, NJ. We also can be seen in Warren County on occasion, so give a call to find out if you fall within our territory!

908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com.

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Wasn’t it just the other day that we were frolicking about in short sleeves and cutoff shorts? Then, surprise, today the frozen white stuff makes yet another appearance in northern NJ. Never mind, the friendly folks at 4 Seasons Lawn Care remain undaunted by the chill in the air and ready to take on the sprawling lawns of Hunterdon County.

Do you live or work in Flemington or Whitehouse or the surrounding areas of NJ? Need a quote for lawn cutting or yard maintenance this spring and summer?

Give Mike Hyde a call at 908 783 5733. Now is the time to phone in and snag that discounted price for an entire lawn care season. And don’t forget, spring cleanups make landscaping a snap. We do those too! Just think, you’ll have great looking grass, and won’t have to lift a finger to get it.

Call today – 908 783 5733, or email us at mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com.

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