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Depending on the type of hedges you have in your yard, you may want to trim them anywhere from 1 to 4 times over the course of the summer season. I just trimmed the hedges in my own front and back yards, including a conifer type that grows in front, and a forsythia on the side of the house. I did them back in May, but everything grew really fast and was looking rather unkempt.

How’s your landscaping holding up? There is always maintenance work to be done, such as weeding, refreshing mulch, and the aforementioned hedge trimming. If you’re looking for this type of work, the friendly professionals at 4 Seasons Lawn Care are ready to pitch in. For just a few hours, we can tidy things up and have your yard looking picture-perfect and ready for your next summer barbecue!

For a free estimate on hedge trimming, lawn mowing, weeding or other yard maintenance, call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com.


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4 Seasons Lawn Care is out and about the Flemington and Whitehouse areas of Hunterdon County, NJ. Perhaps you’ve seen one of our guys cutting your neighbor’s grass, or maybe you passed our gray 4 Seasons truck on Rt. 22, 31 or 202.

I thought it might be a good idea to list our current primary mowing territory… if you’re nearby, stop and introduce yourself or give us a call! Or even if you’re not, let us know if you and/or your neighbors could use regular lawn care. We’re always adding new clients to the fold.

Where we mostly mow (at the moment):

Whitehouse Station:

  • Suydam Street
  • Oakland Drive
  • Kline Blvd.
  • Samson Court


  • Hendrick Road
  • Cambridge Point (we have quite a few customers around this neighborhood)
  • Rainbow Hill Road
  • Farmersville Road
  • Merrill Road
  • Wellington Drive
  • Royal Road


  • Rt. 202


  • Old Route 28


  • Red School House Road
  • Victoria Drive

Glen Gardner:

  • Bachaus Estates Road


  • Grist Mill Road

Of course, we are not limited to these areas, this is just a list of where we primarily mow for summer 2010.

This summer’s a scorcher, and you have better things to do than sweat and toil in the hot sun! Relax, kick back, and let the professionals at 4 Seasons Lawn Care handle everything.

For a free estimate on lawn mowing or other yard-related services, call Mike Hyde at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com!

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Blog readers, it’s been a while because we’re in the thick of the lawn care season. For a while we had a little break due to much of the grass going dormant, but with the recent rains, lawns are growing again and 4 Seasons Lawn Care is busy as ever.

One well-timed project that we worked on this month was a retaining wall that we put in for a great customer who lives off Pulaski Road in Whitehouse Station. Here are some pics:

Need someone to cut your lawn, rake your yard, or build a retaining wall? Contact Mike Hyde of 4 Seasons Lawn Care at 908 783 5733 or email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com.

We serve the Whitehouse, Flemington and surrounding areas of Hunterdon County!

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