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Ahh, the bloom on the forsythia. It’s one of the telltale signs of spring, and the beginning of my busy season as a lawn and yard care provider.

Hunterdon County, NJ residents, get a jump on your spring yard cleanup and summer lawn cutting schedule. Call 4 Seasons Lawn Care and ask for Mike Hyde. 908 783 5733.


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The other day I did a hedge trimming job for a regular customer of mine, and we managed to get before and after photos. The pictures came out great (the bushes look really good too) but now I’m having some problems getting them from the digital camera to this blog.

So for now, just know that 4 Seasons Lawn Care provides hedge and shrub trimming services. Springtime is the right time to book us for your bush trimming needs!  We work in the Flemington/Whitehouse area of Hunterdon County, NJ. Call Mike at 908 783 5733 for an estimate today.

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Besides making your planting beds look neat and tidy, are there other reasons to mulch around your plants, shrubs and trees? You bet there are!

Organic mulch is a great way to enrich the soil over time. The mulch that you put down last spring is decomposing this spring, adding nourishment to the soil and your plants. It’s  just like the natural layer of decaying leaves and pine needles that breaks down on the forest floor.

Mulch gives your plants just the right amount of moisture. Mulch prevents runoff after watering, and acts as a sort of sponge, holding the water and releasing it gradually so that your plants get a more even delivery of H20. This means less of a chance of over- or under-watering, and you won’t have to water as frequently.

Organic mulch insulates the roots of your plants. Like an added blanket of protection, in summer mulch keeps vegetation cooler, and in winter it protects plants from freezing temperatures.

Mulch stops weeds. Weeds grow because weed seeds spread over the surface of the ground and take root. It is difficult for weeds to put their roots down through a layer of mulch. If you really want to keep weeding time to a minimum this summer, then mulch everything in your yard – even garden vegetables!

A few mulching tips:

  • Turn last year’s mulch into the soil, then add another layer of fresh mulch.
  • Avoid mounding mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs. This can result in what is known as “root rot.”
  • Keep your mulch layer to no more than 2-3 inches.
  • Use an organic mulch such as shredded bark or wood chips, for the greatest benefit to your soil and plants.

4 Seasons Lawn Care offers mulch delivery and application for the Whitehouse-Flemington area of Hunterdon County. Call Mike at 908 783 5733. The earlier the better… our lawn and yard care calendar fills up fast!

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All you gardeners out there, I just wanted to let you know about the brilliant tips that Laura’s Organic Gardening Adventures has posted in honor of the balmy weather.

If, like me, you don’t feel like throwing your hard-earned dollars on fancy schmancy planting contraptions from Home Depot… then take a look at Garden Like MacGyver: Seed Starting on the Cheap.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start thinking about who’s going to mow your lawn all summer while you’re spending weekends at the shore, grilling meat to your heart’s content and basically doing everything possible to avoid clipping the grass.

4 Seasons Lawn Care is planning our spring and summer mowing and yard work schedule now. Give Mike a call at 908 783 5733 to get on the list!

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I got a call over the weekend from a new customer of mine who had some water removal and cleanup to deal with after this weekend’s torrential rain storms. I was away from the Whitehouse area at the time, and it was pretty late, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to accommodate.

However, I did want Flemington/Whitehouse etc. residents to know that 4 Seasons Lawn Care can assist with removal of downed tree limbs and other outdoor debris. Give us a call at 908 783 5733 and ask for Mike Hyde. Or, email mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com.

Of course, it’s always better to be prepared ahead of time rather than after the fact… but here’s a good article “for next time” on what to do before the flood hits!


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Tree Pruning Methods

1. Crown thinning. This increases light and air through the branches of hardwood trees. Do not remove more than 1/4 of the living crown in one year.

2. Crown raising. This describes the removal of lower branches that may hang down and obstruct walkways, patio furniture, or otherwise pose a safety risk.

Prune conifers (evergreen trees) during their dormant time of year to minimize sap production.

Prune hardwood trees during the dormant time of year to ensure that the wounds will close once the weather warms up and new growth begins to form. Trees that are pruned during the growing season attract insects with the scent of the sap (think of them as “bleeding”.)

Prune trees that flower in early spring just after their flowers bloom. Prune other flowering trees during their dormant season.

Always consult with a horticulturist to find out what season/method of pruning is best for certain species of trees. Every tree is different and what is right for one may harm another.

4 Seasons Lawn Care Offers Tree Trimming Service

Serving Flemington, Whitehouse, Whitehouse Station, Readington, Lebanon, and Raritan; Hunterdon County, NJ.

Contact mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com or call Mike at 908 783 5733 for a free estimate today!

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Spring is on its way to NJ (just a few more weeks!) and that means it’s time to start thinking about trimming your trees. Tree trimming is necessary for a variety of reasons.

1. Trimmed treets just look better. Just like your lawn needs a weekly haircut and the hair on your head needs regular mowing, so should your trees stay trim and tidy.

2. Trimmed trees are safer. All trees should be pruned in the spring, but especially those which are growing close to your home. We’ve all heard of heavy tree branches causing thousands in damage during high winds and storms.

3. Trimmed trees are healthy trees. Diseased or infested wood can compromise the health of your trees, so you want to trim these away to allow for new growth. Trimming also causes branches to grow back thicker and stronger, which means they will hold up more readily in harsh weather conditions.

4 Seasons Lawn Care Offers Tree Trimming Service

Serving Flemington, Whitehouse, Whitehouse Station, Readington, Lebanon, and Raritan; Hunterdon County, NJ.

Contact mikehyde@4seasonslawns.com or call Mike at 908 783 5733 for a free estimate today!

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